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  •   FINGER PICKING Fingerstyle guitar is the technique of playing the guitar by plucking the strings directly with the fingertips, fingernails, or picks attached to fingers, as opposed to flatpicking  
  • FREATBOARD BASIC:   Frets and Inlays. Your guitar's fretboard has a sequence of raised metal wires called frets. ... You'll notice on your guitar's fretboard there are inlay markers, either dots or symbols at particular fret intervals. Most commonly, these are found at frets 3, 5, 7, 9 and 12. 
  • TABS AND CHORDS:  TAB has six horizontal lines that represent the six strings on the guitar. The top line is the thinnest string (first) and the lowest line represents the thickest (sixth) string. The numbers that  are placed on the lines tell you what fret to play a note. 
  • LEAD GUITAR & SCALES:  The 6 Most Commonly Used Guitar Scales. A pentatonic scale is a scale that has 5 notes per octave that we learn.
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